1988-1999: Further expansion and a jubilee

In 1988, the BAM Holding acquired several companies of the Bredero group. Like BAM, Bredero had developed over the course of the 20th century into a household name in the Dutch construction sector, with a range of subsidiaries operating in different types of construction and related activities. 

At the heart of the group was Bredero Bouw, which came to further strengthen BAM’s non-residential division, BAM BV. Despite differences in culture (a highly decentralised BAM versus a more centralised Bredero), the working relationship was excellent, thanks to factors such as a shared sense of quality. In 1992, this was underlined in the legal merger of the two subsidiaries under the name BAM Bredero BV.

In 1994, BAM celebrated its 125th anniversary. By royal decree, the company was from then on allowed to carry the title ‘Koninklijke’: Royal BAM.

By this time, BAM had developed into one of the largest contracting companies in the Netherlands, with six divisions operating in:

  • Non-residential construction, civil and marine engineering, offshore
  • Residential building
  • Property development
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Fabrication, assembly and finishing
  • Infrastructure and environmental

At the time of the 125th anniversary the Group was also active in Germany, Belgium and France. In 1994 employed over 4,500 people and saw its annual turnover closing in 1.5 billion guilders.