2000: Acquisition of NBM

The 1990s were a period of consolidation in the Dutch construction sector. Margins were tight and scale could be leveraged for the sake of financial strength. All major players in the sector, including BAM, had an eye out for opportunities to make the acquisitions that would put them in the most favourable position.

In 2000, BAM acquired the construction and civil engineering divisions of one of its main competitors, the NBM Amstelland Group. With this acquisition alone, the Group achieved its medium-term growth targets for its construction and infrastructure operations. It was now the market leader in construction in the Benelux countries, a market leader in residential and non-residential building in the Netherlands, and the runner-up in infrastructural projects in the Netherlands. In addition, the BAM portfolio was extended with specialisms such as rail, roads, telecommunications, installation and industrial (prefab) construction systems.

The size of the acquisition warranted a new name for the Group, which from 2000 would be known as Royal BAM NBM nv (‘Koninklijke BAM NBM nv’). The Group now employed close to 13,000 people and in 2000 achieved a turnover of over EUR 1.5 billion.