2002-… : A leading all-round European contractor with a global footprint

Since 2002, BAM has continued to cement its position as a reputable building company with a nose for innovation and a healthy sense of responsibility towards the planet, its people and their prosperity. 

Economically, the biggest challenge was the financial crisis of 2008, which required measures of austerity. Overall, however, BAM has been able to counter fluctuations in the market through its spread in sectors as well as geographies.

In the new millennium, accountability on topics such as safety and sustainability quickly gained in importance in society in general and therefore also in the construction sector. In 2007 BAM published its first sustainability report, in addition to the annual financial report. Since 2014, BAM’s annual reports have combined financial reporting and sustainability according to the guidelines of the framework of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

In 2014, recognition of BAM’s sustainability policy followed in the form of inclusion in the A List of the global Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

In 2015, BAM announced its first five-year strategy, which took as its motto ‘Building the present, creating the future’. This strategy recognised three external factors that shaped prospects for the construction industry: economic growth, sustainability (including mega trends such as the energy transition) and digitalisation. Against this background, BAM set out to strengthen its position through the efficiency of its operations, the leveraging of its skills and knowledge in the global market and by carving a position as an industry leader in digital construction.

In 2016, BAM simplified its divisional structure by reducing this to two business lines: Construction and Property, and Civil Engineering. In addition, BAM continued its involvement in the public-private partnership (PPP) market through BAM PPP.

In 2018, BAM introduced its global safety campaign ‘Your safety is my safety’ to underline its philosophy that at the end of the day, everyone involved with BAM projects across the globe should be able to return home safe and healthy.

Today, in 2019, BAM celebrates its 150th anniversary. From its origins in Adam van der Wal’s village carpentry shop, it has grown into a leading all-round European contractor with a global footprint and a reputation for quality, reliability, partnership and responsibility.