‘Standardised processes allow us to be effective and profitable’

Alexander Braun

Alexander Braun is the head of Business Process and Quality at BAM Deutschland. With a background in architecture and several years of working in the field, he developed an interest in the streamlining of processes while working on a certification process for a previous employer. Since joining BAM Deutschland in 2015 he has been putting his expertise to work for his German Operating Company as well as the wider BAM Group.

Colleagues from across the Group working towards One BAM

Alexander: ‘From March 2018 I have been part of the team that is working towards One BAM. Together with process specialists from the different BAM countries we spent several days a week in Bunnik to prepare things like UPA, the uniform project approach, which is now being rolled out across the Group.’

Throughout the BAM organisation, Alexander has found, companies and the employees within them have accumulated knowledge and developed processes that can benefit the whole of the Group. However, combining knowledge in a standardised set of procedures is just the beginning.

Games and videos make training fun

Alexander: ‘You could write down a process in five minutes, but the roll-out requires a change of mindset. This is why I am pleased to see how much attention is going into the introduction of UPA in terms of training and communication. Introductory videos and training in the form of serious gaming are an excellent move to make this accessible and attractive to the younger generation.’

From the outset, work on UPA and other One BAM initiatives has seen theory and practice go hand in hand. Alexander: ‘During our work together at the head office in Bunnik, we identified processes that were roughly similar across operating companies and selected the most successful in terms of performance – the ones that would allow us to be effective and profitable while also making our work enjoyable. Every standard that we developed from this was tested on live projects and the feedback used for further fine-tuning.’

The logical next step in the development of BAM

From Alexander’s perspective, One BAM is the logical next step in the development of the Group: ‘One of the first signs I witnessed soon after joining the company was the introduction of the Tender Desk and its Stage gate procedure. This has been very inspirational for me personally and I believe it has readied the minds for UPA and the other elements of One BAM.’

‘We, the employees of BAM, have so much knowledge in our company and the opportunity to learn and benefit from many new things and from each other. We can use those things to create a strong business, One BAM. I will certainly make my contribution, and I am proud to be part of BAM.’