‘Becoming a success by making mistakes’

Céline Bent

My name is Céline Bent and as Head of Innovation at Royal BAM Group I am responsible for coordinating and accelerating innovation at BAM.

Identifying positive aspects and spotting opportunities

I am proud of the knowledge, skill and perseverance that my colleagues demonstrate in innovation projects. Coming up with a plethora of reasons not to start something new is easy, whereas identifying positive aspects and spotting opportunities is much, much harder; as is keeping a level head when faced with distractions and setbacks.

We are lucky to have many colleagues who are highly committed to improving things in our industry. They demonstrate proactive ownership and are not afraid of trying and failing because they know that learning from their mistakes can bring success. I’m proud to say that thanks to them some initially very daring innovations were put into practice, benefiting BAM as a whole – such as the world’s first 3D-printed cycle bridge in Gemert, our new 3D printing facility and Dutch Analytics, a start-up for artificial intelligence applications, founded and co-owned by BAM.

Future developments with a positive impact

Looking to the future, I want customers to experience all work provided by BAM as first-class. Projects must contribute to making the built environment sustainable, making it attractive, clean, energy neutral or even energy positive. To achieve that we really need to do things differently. So in a few years I’d like to see a number of new, innovative developments from across the Group that will have a profound, positive impact on people, planet and profit.