‘Empowering teams with data-driven decisions’

Dilshad Hayath

My name is Dilshad Hayath, I am a database developer in BAM International’s area Middle East and Gulf States. My main responsibility is the digitalisation of the timekeeping and payroll processes. I develop applications and implement them at all project offices across the Middle East region. I am also involved in the training of colleagues and the day-to-day data management.  

In-house developments shared across the organisation

I started my career as a lecturer teaching computer science at universities and technical institutes. I have always wanted to pursue a career which involves programming and developing software solutions. BAM gave me the opportunity to do just that.

I joined the company in 2005, developing project-specific tools for the site office in Ajman (UAE). At the completion of the project, I was transferred to the Dubai office and given the opportunity to develop applications to digitalise the timekeeping and payroll processes. After the successful implementation on one of our projects, we expanded the implementation across the UAE, then across the Middle East region, and now I am supporting the international offices also.

Looking forward to implementing BAM People

What I like the best about working at BAM is the people. The work culture is very supportive and encouraging. My colleagues are helpful and approachable, and management takes a keen interest in everyone’s professional and personal development. Travel opportunities are an added bonus. I really enjoy meeting new people and working in different countries.

Looking back over my 12 years with BAM, I have learned that you should not simply wait for opportunities to come knocking. Sometimes, you must take charge and make things happen. I would like to help our organisation with the successful implementation of BAM People in our offices and empowering our teams with data-driven decisions.