‘It’s truly wonderful we had the opportunity of starting up Homestudios’

Eva Vergauwen

I’m Eva Vergauwen, Operations Manager at Homestudios. It’s my responsibility to ensure a unique experience for our customers – the future residents of the homes built by BAM Wonen and our corporate target group visiting the experience centre. My job further entails efficient planning, continuous optimisation and innovation, as well as creating a safe and pleasant work environment for all employees.

The experience centre is unique

I started at BAM in 2015 as a trainee. In the fourth period, I helped with the transition of property developer AM and BAM Wonen. The preliminary idea of Homestudios had already been conceived by then and I was invited to participate in setting it up.

Homestudios is an experience centre that is unique because it combines the digital customer journey, the physical experience and personal support. We built seven model homes and four model apartments to help our future home owners make the right choice from a range of options. They are about to make the largest purchase of their lives and our role is to help them turn their house into their home.

Passionate people, unconventional thinking

It’s truly wonderful that my colleagues and I were given the opportunity to begin a start-up within an established company. We work with the departments Customer Journey, Housing Advice, Technical Design and Interior Design to improve customer experience through innovation, optimisation and constructive cooperation with our partners. Working with passionate people who are not afraid to think outside conventional frameworks is so energising! We learn from each other and as a team achieve better results all the time.

Harnessing capabilities makes us more effective

On 25 May we held an opening party for management and Homestudios’ partners, followed on 27 May by a party for friends and family. It had taken us just 18 months to set up the experience centre we had envisaged. We were so proud when we were finally able to present it and I will never forget the reaction from one of our first future home owners: ‘How lovely to walk in here, you’re all beaming!’

I’m fully behind the One BAM strategy. We shouldn’t come up with the same idea separately three times, or worse, make the same mistake three times. When we harness our capabilities we can be so much more effective. Initiatives such as BAM’s Future Leadership Programme are fantastic. I want to continue to learn from inspiring colleagues and create loads of connections.