‘Realising a construction project is like a huge 3D puzzle’

Ralf Janssen

My name is Ralf Janssen, I’m a quality manager at BAM International. My role is to safeguard the efficient implementation of our business processes in general and, more specifically, the quality process of our projects.

As I see it, the realisation of a construction project is like a huge 3D puzzle. It’s not just about the technical ability, it’s equally important to have good social skills. After all, in any construction project there are many different parties who have to work together. Every time we pull this off successfully within the specified targets, it makes me proud and gives me the motivation to get cracking on the next project.

Thanks to the current developments in technology we are increasingly capable of optimising our processes and construction activities. I’m happy to play my part in this, with the main objective of reducing our failure costs.