‘I enjoy helping people do things better’

Amila Rajakaruna

My name is Amila Rajakaruna and I am a PCS engineer at BAM International. PCS stands for project control systems, and my key responsibility is to detect trends in our operations on all continents. That means scrutinising weekly and monthly reports for from our projects and Area offices for positive or negative developments or possible inconsistencies, and reporting my findings to our Global Operations Director, Halbe Veenstra.

Making reports more visual and immediate

In these weekly and monthly report reviews I focus primarily on projects’ progress and performance with regard to the optimisation of those reports. By focusing on KPIs and critical paths, and also by making the reports more visual and developing more real-time way of reporting, we aim to make it easier for the Director and the Areas and projects to act on our findings.

I really enjoy my work as collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing play a vital role in my work. I am currently based in the BAM International head office in The Hague, from where I work closely with project managers and their reporting and planning staff, both to share their suggestions and to ask them for their input regarding project reporting formats and templates, best practices, examples and suggestions for improvement.

Moving around the world has helped me grow

So far, my ten years in this green and orange family have been a wonderful journey. I would say I have had some quite remarkable experiences with work. Also, moving around the world with my wife and has helped me grow immensely. And then finally I had the good fortune of being assigned to the head office in the Netherlands, the land of windmills, tulips and canals. I wish to continue and grow with the BAM family towards the best version of myself and assist the company with its journey towards excellence.