‘Digital collaboration: fewer mistakes, more fun!’

Berry Busker

My name is Berry Busker and I am the strategy and innovation manager at b.Home, formerly known as BAM Start-Up. My main responsibility is to set up the strategy and business case of our business unit by determining where we can add the most value. Additionally, I capture the business needs of the grassroots and translate them into business opportunities which I then discuss with their managers.

We’re developing a platform for the residential chain

I started at BAM in 2015 as a graduate student. During my research I investigated the effectiveness of applying augmented and virtual reality in the construction industry. After my graduation I was offered a job at BAM Start-up, which is one of the initiatives that came forth after the roll-out of BAM’s 2016-2020 strategy.

Started in early 2019, b.Home is the newest business unit within BAM Construction and Property. We are developing a digital construction platform to standardise and digitise construction processes, with a special focus on the residential and renovation sector of BAM. b.Home enables the entire value chain –clients, employees, end-users and co-makers – to collaborate and exchange information, so that they can work more effectively with fewer mistakes and more fun! The plan for 2019 is to enter the BAM’s residential new build market of BAM and after that expand towards non-residential building and infra.

We dare to fail, so we can learn and make something better

In contrast to traditional innovation programmes within BAM, b.Home applies a bottom-up approach to determine the needs of the actual users first, and then offer solutions that address these needs. By developing minimal viable products (MVPs), we can quickly determine if a solution really works. If it doesn’t work we will have failed, but we will have failed fast. We will be able to learn from our mistakes so that we can make something that does work.

One of my personal favourite innovators is Elon Musk, who once said: ‘If things aren’t failing, you are not innovative enough.’ At BAM we aren’t very familiar with this way of working, which makes my work an interesting challenge. But like any of my BAM colleagues, I enjoy taking on challenges – even if it’s the digital transformation of BAM.