‘Enhancing lives in the communities in which we work’

Claire Anderson

Claire Anderson, Pre-Construction Coordinator, joined BAM Construct UK in 2014.

Before that she was working for an employability partnership helping people from study or unemployment into the workplace.

‘BAM took me on as regional education and community co-ordinator. There was quite a link from my previous job but I had no construction experience. It was a huge learning curve coming into the industry but it has been great.’

‘You might not think about community engagement when you think of working in construction but the most important thing in my role is the ability to work with site teams to deliver initiatives on the ground.

I love working with such a variety of different people; you get to see things from different views and can try different approaches. I also still work with schools and the wider community, which can be very rewarding.’

‘Community engagement is very client driven’

‘Nowadays community engagement is very client driven. We don’t get a tender in as a business without targets to deliver for the local area. I am often involved in bids, creating proposals for what we can do for employment or the local economy on a project and showcasing initiatives we’ve successfully run in the past.’

‘I think if my role was advertised now then tender support and project planning would be in the job description. I am now pre-construction co-ordinator as I’m involved at bid stage and in helping site teams prepare for jobs once they are won.

BAM’s work in this area has evolved and grown in the five years I have been here. We are much more targeted now. Our latest strategy is called Enhancing Lives and we are really starting to focus on the impacts of the work we do in this area.’

‘I think this focus on impacts will continue to strengthen in the future, and I am really excited about going on that journey with BAM and ensuring our projects continue to add value to communities at construction stage as well as with the finished buildings.’