‘Each new project brings its unique challenges and opportunities’

Darren Devane

My name is Darren Devane, Construction Director at BAM Ireland, with responsibility for the safe and efficient delivery of civil engineering projects in Ireland. I first joined BAM in 2000 as a graduate civil engineer working on a major wastewater treatment plant project in Dublin.

Predictable performance delivers real benefits

I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work on a range of civil engineering projects and with interesting people throughout my career with BAM. Each new project that I manage with BAM brings with it a unique set of challenges and the opportunity to develop project teams while delivering our clients’ needs. One of the most challenging projects I worked on was a railway bridge slide in 2005 – who would have thought pushing a 7,500-tonne bridge over 75 metres in 12 hours would be so complicated?

For me, predictable performance is a key One BAM value that delivers a real benefit to BAM, our clients and our supply chain. Predictability plays an important role in the success of a BAM project. Project predictability can be measured by the success in meeting the project’s essential objectives. These objectives are safety, cost, programme and quality. It is only when all these objectives are achieved that a project is truly successful. 

The importance of teambuilding cannot be overestimated

Of course, a project can only be successful if we have motivated people working as part of a committed team. Within BAM, effective teambuilding is an essential requirement to turn a group of talented individuals into a strong and organised system working towards a common goal. The importance of teambuilding cannot be overestimated – we cannot accomplish the great goals on our own and the project-based nature of our business requires us to form new teams on a frequent basis.