‘Creating a one-stop-shop for clients’

Emma Compton

‘Considering how much I feel at home now, it’s hard to believe I came to the facilities management industry by accident’, says Emma Compton, FM Contracts Manager at BAM Construct UK.

‘I used to work for a budget hotel chain and was encouraged to manage a cleaning team to gain experience. I discovered that I loved the sector and moved to manage the cleaning team on BAM’s Bristol Schools PFI contract 10 years ago.’

‘This meant joining an FM team, and at first I didn’t think I’d last six months. I had previously excelled by reviewing past performance, learning lessons and innovating for the future – in FM it all seemed to be reactive problem solving.’

‘However, as I got into the role and grew in confidence, I started to really enjoy it. I have to think on my feet in this sector and I get to learn so many skills from such a variety of people.’

‘My role has evolved over the last decade’

‘My role has evolved over the last decade, allowing me to champion health and safety and the environment within FM projects while still managing my cleaning team. Last September I became contract support manager for the south of England. This role includes training so I am able to give newcomers to the business the time and space they need to get up to speed before the inevitable firefighting begins.’

‘One of the things I’m passionate about at the moment is driving BAM’s switch to iFM, where the company offers clients a single point of contact and contract for a range of services from one-off plumbing repairs to weekly cleaning shifts.’

‘This helps us bid more efficiently and win more work as clients can see the benefits of the streamlined approach. For me it means I get to work with an even greater range of professionals and learn so much more.’

‘My hope for the near future is that we are able to expand the current iFM offering. Security is the next function we could add to the mix, as this would allow us to cover the full range of services on some really big jobs.’