‘I’m always solution-oriented’

Erris van der Meijden

Erris van der Meijden, who works as a coordinator of integral maintenance at BAM FM, celebrated 40 years with BAM last year. It was his father, Henk, who got ‘little Erris’ his first job at sixteen, as a trainee service technician with Van Ham. It was the same company where his father worked as a technician on the construction sites.

Insatiable curiosity

Erris and Henk never worked on a project together, as they have always worked in different departments. ‘We spoke at home, over dinner,’ says Erris. When father Henk took early retirement in 1984, Erris was already married. After work, the proud young father of a little girl took evening classes to better himself. ‘I have every engineering certificate you can possibly imagine, just because I have this insatiable curiosity. And I still enjoy learning new things.’


Erris has witnessed many changes in the installation industry, and thanks to his background in electrical engineering he’s never had trouble keeping up. ‘I have seen the transition from oil to gas. From simple room thermostats to computerised buildings that keep on growing smarter and more intelligent. And now we have electrical heating boilers and heat pumps.’

Solutions, always solutions

Erris has always been the go-to guy if there was a problem with installations. These days, his talent for troubleshooting comes in handy in his current role. For six years already, he has been deployed by BAM FM to the Isala hospital in Zwolle. ‘Together with the medical technology department and its subcontractors, I am responsible for the integral maintenance of the operation theatres and the cardiac catheterisation and clinical pharmacy rooms. On a person-to-person level I work closely with the people who work in the operation theatres. Whenever they express a wish or file a malfunction, I make an analysis and find a solution. In this job I am always 100% solution oriented.’


‘I firmly believe that working in collaboration is the way forward,’ says Erris. How he does this? ‘I make sure to speak with everyone. I like listening to people and storing the information in my head, where I can make combinations and see how things can be done in a different way. For me, that’s the way I can make people happy.’

BAM FM has taken 28 former Isala employees on board and has put together a single team for the integral operational and maintenance management of all the different locations of the hospital. Erris is at the head of this team and also works closely with BAM company Interflow. ‘I am proud of the enthusiasm and dedication of our team. We are viewed as colleagues by the people of Isala, and that’s a wonderful thing.’