‘It feels good to achieve something you never knew you had in you’

Froukelien Horstra

I’m Froukelien Horstra and I work as a planner at BAM Infra Rail. Until January 2019 I was in the Rail department of BAM Infra Energie & Water, but then we were moved over to the larger Rail organisation. My first job at BAM was in administration, supporting the project teams, but since then I have been working my way up into work planning for our Rail projects. The type of projects we do are the construction of underground cable networks for railway infrastructure.

At home from the start in a close-knit team

I work from the office in Nieuwleusen and most of my new work colleagues have been working on the same team for a long time already. They have made me feel right at home from the beginning. People are supportive, both professionally and on a more personal level. In either case, we know we can count on each other when the going gets tough. Last year I have had the opportunity to do my first project as a planner, of course working closely together with a site manager and project lead. It feels good to know you’ve achieved something that you never thought you would be able to do.

BAM gives me the opportunity to develop my talents

Our team consists of people from many different disciplines. As we handle large projects for network operator ProRail as well as carrier companies such as NS and Arriva, the amount of knowledge in the team is enormous. Which is great, because it means there is always more for me to learn. I hope I will always be able to continue developing my talents, so that I can keep doing what I like best and what best suits my ability. Not just for myself, but for my colleagues as well.