‘Highly motivated by challenges and room to innovate’

Hans Juncker

My name is Hans Juncker, I am the head of the Heavy Maintenance team at BAM PPP in Germany. This small team of specialists was set up last year with the specific task of developing strategies to keep infrastructural assets in optimal condition throughout their lifecycle. This involves large-scale, complex solutions that we work out during the tendering stage of a project.

Looking many years ahead

Our biggest challenge is having to assess risks for a period that extends as far as 20 or 30 years ahead, and choose an approach to meet the required conditions. A good example is the proposal we recently submitted for the A49 motorway in the German state of Hessen. Half of the project involves an existing stretch of road. This further complexifies the assessment of possible future repairs and renovations. We have gone out of our way to analyse existing conditions and develop a smart maintenance plan. This has taken a lot of time and energy, but the teamwork and results have been fantastic.

Gathering knowledge for even better strategies

The questions we face are immensely complex, so we are continuously looking to innovate in order to make maintenance faster, better and cheaper. The BAM organisation is a treasure trove of relevant knowledge, and there is always something new to learn from working with BAM colleagues in the legal, financial and technical fields. We also provide advice and practical support to the execution teams and learn a lot from them in return. Similarly, collaboration with various external partners is an important source of information that will enable us to develop even better strategies in the future.

Room for proactive ownership

I have a drive for continuous improvement and a natural tendency to take the initiative. The fact that BAM gives me room to do so is highly motivating. At the same, the complexity of the challenges and our desire to come up with the best possible solutions means that we are under a lot of pressure. Therefore I always aim to work as efficiently as possible in order to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life for my team members and myself. Most importantly, I am able to take inspiration from my work and I wish my colleagues the same.