‘Collaboration means being able to work as one BAM’

Ian Hubbard

My name is Ian Hubbard. I’m the Director of BAM Nuttall’s International Division, which I helped establish to leverage the skills of our UK business, together with those of other BAM companies, especially BAM International.

Developing projects leveraging all our skills

I joined Edmund Nuttall as a Graduate Engineer, developing my career in project and business management positions. From 2005-15 I managed our work for the UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment. This project is renowned for excellent safety and quality performance, while delivering sustainable profitability and repeat business in a very challenging nuclear engineering environment.

It was here I recognised what a collaborative team can truly deliver. From an early stage, we worked very closely, building a transparent relationship with our client, collectively solving problems and establishing shared ambitions for safety and quality.

In late 2016 I was instrumental in setting up the BAM Nuttall International Division, where we aim to form collaborations with other BAM Operating Companies, to leverage our skills and complement each other’s expertise.

At the time there was a growing desire from British Government to support British exporters, with construction and infrastructure expertise seen as potential exports, while also creating considerable value by delivering sustainable solutions globally. By collaborating with BAM International and other BAM Operating Companies we’d be able to develop and deliver projects we couldn’t pursue individually companies, either because of financing, nationality, skill sets, or just capacity.

One BAM - delivering exceptional value

In the next five years our ambition is to take major steps on our collaboration journey. We’ve developed a high level of trust in each other’s ability. It’s now about growing our collaborative approach to a place where we’re delivering real value to our clients across the globe by harnessing skills from across BAM Group, delivering world class safety, quality, environmental performance, continuously learning from each other and improving.

From my perspective, we want people to know, BAM is here, delivering exceptional value, using skills across the group, in the right place, at the right time, so our clients experience success.