‘Involving everyone in the digital transition makes us better and more efficient’

Joris Van Bossche

My name is Joris Van Bossche and I am Lead Digital Construction Operations at BAM Belgium. My colleagues and I examine how we can set up and subsequently implement digital construction processes in the Belgian BAM companies. We concentrate on the entire process - from the tendering stage to the actual construction and even operations and maintenance, using building information modelling (BIM) as a guideline. My main focus is on projects in the construction stage.

Knowledge sharing thanks to One BAM

The principle is to get the right information to the right person at the right time. With BIM, we compile information from the chain as a whole, preventing mistakes and duplicate work. Interbuild, Galère, BAM Contractors and Kairos are responsible for applying digital construction processes themselves but we support them with development and implementation. Most of our partners in Belgium are not as advanced so we also involve them. Thanks to One BAM, we can share our colleagues’ knowledge and experience across the world.

Implementation of BIM 360 Field

Digital construction is not entirely new. Two years ago, BIM 360 Field was already used to build the new ZNA hospital in Antwerp. Thanks to BIM, everyone on site had the same information. The implementation was such a success that this project won the BAM Digital Construction Award 2018 for BAM Belgium. We’re very proud of that. This is the first project where we will be transferring the data to BAM FM for the maintenance stage.

Comfortable with digital construction

This year we will be implementing BIM 360 Field for quality and safety in all new Belgian projects. We will also be exploring a more efficient planning process and all colleagues will receive BIM basic training. My personal ambition is the same as that of our department – involving everyone in the digital transition to make us better and more efficient. It is important that everyone feels comfortable and I want to help make that possible. That requires personal guidance on my part, which makes my job so enjoyable.