‘PPP creates long-term partnerships that serve the interests of all parties’

Joris van Papenrecht

Joris van Papenrecht is Commercial Director at BAM PPP. ‘My operating company specialises in accommodation and infrastructure projects in the PPP market, where BAM is responsible for the design, construction, operations, maintenance and financing. BAM PPP invests in these projects by bringing parties together and guaranteeing the client an integrated solution across the entire life cycle of the contract.’

New markets and sectors through scalable learning

‘One of my focal points is to broaden our markets and to be more selective in choosing the best projects for BAM. We have started targeting mature PPP markets outside our European home markets, such as Australia, North-America and Scandinavia, and in April 2019 we were delighted to win our first project in one of these ‘new’ markets, Cross River Rail, an underground railway through Brisbane, Australia.’

‘Another focal point is in exploring new ways to capitalise on our experience and expertise in project financing and integrated life cycle solutions. For example, a potential client might be keen to improve on sustainability but has no funding to deliver this in the short term. We could help by combining BAM’s technical solutions with a project financing solution and, for instance, a multi-year maintenance contract where remuneration is linked to our performance.

Our ambition to broaden our market and product portfolio is done in close collaboration with our sister operating companies at BAM. Together we continue to develop our strategies and solutions to match the needs of our clients. In other words: scalable learning.’

Shared success

‘In my view, the appeal of PPP as a contract form lies in the concept of partnership that underpins it: stable collaborations are built for the long term, with equal focus on the interests of all parties involved. This works very well in by far the majority of PPP projects in our portfolio, with a clear win-win for everyone. Some projects leave room for improvement. It is my ambition to sharpen our ability to choose our projects, partners and clients on the basis of this principle of balanced partnership. This will improve our chances of shared success and allows us to take our future in our own hands.’