‘I contribute to BAM by connecting people’

Klaas-Jan Visser

I’m Klaas-Jan Visser and in my capacity as Manager Business Development and Manager Purchasing at BAM Infra Nederland, I play a part in the winning strategy for new assignments. One of my responsibilities is to get in touch with clients in the preliminary phase of a project. I am also responsible for key account management in the form of framework agreements with large and often specialist engineering firms, architects and landscape architects. BAM works with these strategic partners, sharing the risks. Long-term partnerships allow us to learn from each other and thereby enhance the service we offer our clients.

Sustainability is obviously a key concern

Being involved early on in a project that actually gets realised is what makes it so much fun. I like to keep in touch with colleagues during construction, partly to verify choices made in the preliminary phase. I’ve been involved in many great projects, but the most innovative ones stand out most, such as the first Fibre-to-the-Home connections at the turn of this century, when the internet was still in its infancy. Another example is smart rail construction using BAM’s knowledge of Infraspeed, which was later used for existing and new tram tracks. I am also proud of the first 3D-printed bicycle bridge in Gemert. Those are projects where we at BAM really put our necks on the line. Sustainability is another area in which we are making progress. Where in 2007 I was involved in the initial sketches of the so-called CO2 performance ladder, we are now one of the first signatories of the Betonakkoord (Concrete Agreement), which aims to make the concrete industry more sustainable. As a member of the Steering Group, I am one of the persons allowed to shape this. Sustainability has become a permanent part of our work and that is a positive development in my eyes.

Thinking unconventionally suits me and my job

Important social issues require smart solutions. But developments such as intelligent infrastructure using artificial intelligence cannot be taken on without partners. So working together throughout the chain is necessary to actually realise the objectives that have been set. As a result, traditional roles are becoming blurred. I contribute to BAM by connecting and building long-term partnerships, particularly with very different parties. Thinking unconventionally suits me and fits in with the innovative side of my job. I’ve always found working with people fascinating and that is still what motivates me to do my job, every day.