‘Get young colleagues enthusiastic about BAM’

Korstiaan Rietveld

If you thought robotisation at BAM is only about the obvious developments such as 3D printing, you would be mistaken. As will become clear from the story of Korstiaan Rietveld, Director Financial Shared Services Centre (FSSC) of BAM Bouw en Vastgoed. ‘In our field, digitalisation and innovation are just as crucial in the delivery of the best possible services at the lowest possible costs.’

Korstiaan recently celebrated his 25th work anniversary at BAM. He first entered the business on the infra side, as a group controller at Verlaat Groep in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, three years before the firm was acquired by BAM. In 2009 he transferred from infra to BAM Wonen, in the position of financial director.

For the past three years he has been heading the FSSC. ‘This centre was created a year before my arrival by combining all financial and administrative departments of the various divisions within BAM Bouw en Vastgoed. At first, our focus was on the standardisation and harmonisation of systems and processes. Which is easier said than done. BAM Bouw en Techniek, BAM Wonen and AM all had their own systems and procedures. Now, we work with a single ERP system and follow a single set of rules to ensure a uniform approach. This has been a massive operation, which is by no means complete. Our goal is to work efficiently in terms of time and costs. On the one hand, this requires strict regulations, and on the other we want to be as flexible as possible towards the needs of the projects. This can be the cause of a bit of tension at times, and the challenge is to deal with that as well as possible.’

‘A world to be won’

‘On an average working day, we process some 2,000 invoices. The majority of those are digital files or PDFs, but four per cent are still delivered on paper. There is still a world to be won there, and this is why we are actively involved in efforts to ensure uniformity in the chain. Across the sector, we are encouraging partners such as suppliers to use the same set of standards for the exchange of electronic data.’

Robotisation at the FSSC

On the road to robotisation, the FSSC has taken its first successful steps, and Korstiaan is proud of the achievement. ‘AM uses Excel files to describe its projects and we are now able to read those into SAP in a fully automated and faultless process. This saves time and improves quality, and we are now in the process of expanding this to other areas.’

Sharing knowledge

Korstiaan is keen to share the knowledge and experience he has accumulated in his 25 years of working for BAM. ‘During the onboarding programme for new employees I like to get young colleagues enthusiastic for BAM. One of the things I like to tell them about is the working capital. That’s a fun thing to do.’