‘What I’ve noticed is the open culture’

Mariana Gonçalves

‘We have gained a reputation a true knowledge centre for the recruitment of (temporary) external personnel’, says Mariana Gonçalves, recruiter at BAM Flexplein.

With the establishment of a platform for hiring external staff in 2017, BAM’s Dutch operation companies took a big step in the professionalisation of external recruitment. Mariana Gonçalves (33) has been involved with BAM Flexplein (‘flex plaza’) from the beginning.

Maximise efficiency

‘I first started as a contracts officer in January 2017. In the early stages of BAM Flexplein, our focus was mainly on the administration of new external contracts. By setting up a single administrative organisation we were able to maximise efficiency and effectiveness. Since then we have gained a reputation among managers of the operating companies as a true knowledge centre for the recruitment of (temporary) external personnel. In a little over two years our team has grown from six to more than 20 employees and we have seen an expansion of our services.’

Plenty of opportunities

‘When I was doing my communication studies, I also worked for a web shop. They began selling all kinds of products but later specialised in watches and experienced exponential growth. After obtaining my master’s degree I began looking for alternatives, preferable somewhere that I could combine communication and working with employees. So when I saw the vacancy at BAM Flexplein I was immediately interested. In my interview with my future manager, Thomas Hopman, I learned that this would be a job with plenty of opportunities. I could do the things I loved, such as putting together a newsletter for the business and writing mailings to suppliers.


‘I am still involved in communication, but now as a recruiter of external staff. Currently, Flexplein consists of three teams focusing on contract administration, recruitment of external staff and process optimisation.

As a recruiter of external staff I collect requests from our operating companies and their projects and approach possible suppliers. We have built a network of suppliers, but if a manager has a preference for a certain agency, we can work with them, as well.

Recruitment requests can be for all possible roles, from administration support to project management. Whatever the position that we fill, we make the proper arrangements with respect to rates and conditions.’


‘We make sure to visit construction sites on a regular basis to see what’s happening. At a BAM Infra Telecom location we took a course in glass fibre welding and we also visited Homestudios. Things like that help to build involvement. Also, we work directly for large projects such as Zalmhaven in Rotterdam and the Afsluitdijk dam renovation. Another very interesting event was a presentation about BIM by BAM Advies & Engineering.’

‘What I’ve noticed since working for BAM is the open culture. Before that, I was aware of BAM’s reputation as a major big building company and I knew a little bit more from a friend who worked here, but you don’t know what it’s really like until you work here.’

Good employer

‘BAM is a good employer and also the largest building company in the Netherlands with groundbreaking projects. What I really enjoy here is the way of working, the open culture, and the proactive ownership that BAM asks of its employees. Also the One BAM philosophy. Doing things together makes us stronger.’