‘Using BIM throughout the whole project life cycle is a huge opportunity’

Marie-Christine Löffler

My name is Marie-Christine Löffler and I work for BAM Deutschland as BIM manager at the Digital Construction department. I’m responsible for incorporating the BIM method into our projects by developing and tracking the project BIM Execution Plan, providing training, assuring and controlling quality of the models as well as supervising the project team.

Resolving issues at an early stage

The advantage of BIM is that models are coordinated, making any issues visible early on. These can then be resolved in the design phase, which prevents mistakes occurring during construction. The implementation of the BIM method does require some extra effort, which is why we ensure support.

We work with other BAM colleagues on BIM standards at the BAM Digital Construction Community Table and exchange knowledge. It is a great opportunity to learn from each other and I’m proud to be part of the team.

Involved in the whole project life cycle

One great example of BIM is an office building in Schleswig-Holstein. This is a PPP project, which will be operated by BAM Immobilien Dienstleistung. We support the entire process, from design right up to construction and handover.

We are also exploring 4D (which includes planning), 5D (which includes costs) and BIM 360 for construction project management in a range of our projects. A new development is that the model, including all product information, is transferred to the operation phase for facility management. This was implemented for the first time at the Felix Platter-Spital in Basel, one of the first BIM projects in Switzerland.

Expanding BIM throughout the organisation

I would like to expand BIM throughout our organisation by convincing colleagues of its added value by listening to their needs, connecting systems and integrating BIM in our processes. We are also looking at innovative technologies such as mixed reality and laser scanning. I am proud to be able to actively shape this process in our company.