‘New technology helps break down barriers between us’

Michelle Brosnan

My name is Michelle Brosnan. I work as a Microsoft solutions specialist in the ICT department in BAM Ireland and I’ve been with BAM for the most part of the last nine years.

I enjoy the fact that in my job, no two days are the same. One day I could be working on a user support query with Microsoft SharePoint and the next, I could be collaborating on a One BAM project with colleagues across the company.

Innovation increases productivity, collaboration and communication

I am most proud of my work when I see how the new technology and innovation can complement the business functions by increasing productivity, collaboration and communication. We are really starting to break down the barriers between us as a company and utilising the tools available to allow us to work seamlessly. When I see the business benefits of delivering a project or solution, that’s what motivates me on a daily basis. Change can be daunting, but we need to understand the vision and the goal to adapt. It’s this vision that motivates me and keeps me happy in my job.

I have been lucky enough to be the project manager for the Office 365 migration in Ireland. I have been working closely with the project team as we all move to be part of one platform in BAM, which is a huge part of the One BAM vision. Working in this innovative project means that we can utilise the skillset and dedication of a wide ICT team and deliver not only the technical requirements, but also the business requirements more efficiently. Moving to Office 365 means that it gives us the tools to enhance knowledge sharing and communication, which will stop us from trying to reinvent the wheel.

I work in a fast-moving industry

Looking to the future, I am excited about how BAM will leverage new technology to allow for a seamless working experience. The ICT projects that we have delivered so far are only enabling us to deliver even more exciting solutions in the future. I work in a fast-moving industry and BAM is in line with ensuring that we are working in a modern, technologically advanced company. The future is bright!