‘Code of conduct is about values we as individuals hold close to our heart’

Michelle Davey

Corporate Counsel and Company Secretary Michelle Davey studied law and some 20 years ago joined BAM Nuttall. This was in part because she liked the mentality of the construction industry: no time for snobbery, but rather a down-to-earth attitude that gets things done.

A focus on ethical business

With her background as a solicitor, she advises the business on various legal issues and is BAM Nuttall’s compliance officer. Michelle: ‘I work closely with the Business Process and Quality teams to keep our policies and procedures up to date and make sure they reflect the requirements of legal and regulatory requirements as well as Group and BAM Nuttall requirements. I’m involved particularly in the ethical side of business, with topics such as bribery and corruption, modern slavery and data privacy.’

‘I am also involved with health and safety, offering legal support to the Health and Safety team. This is something that really ties in with my passion for working with people and taking responsibility for people’s health and well-being.’

Mental health and well-being champion

Michelle is one of BAM Nuttall’s mental health and well-being champions. ‘The fact that we now have a title for this is quite new, but this topic has always had an important place in the BAM Nuttall culture, and increasingly in the BAM culture. It’s about being here for people, to listen to them, to help and support them in difficult times and guide them as to where they can go to get some help. The fact that we are having this conversation the way we are having it today is I think one of the greatest successes of our business.’

Contribution to the code of conduct

‘Recently I have been involved, on behalf of BAM Nuttall and as part of the compliance community, in the development of the BAM Group’s Code of Conduct that will soon be launched across all Op Co’s within the Group. It will reflect the core values, business principles and expected behaviours of us all and aims to provide clarity and understanding of the policies and procedures governing a multitude of areas including safety, health, well-being, diversity, sustainability and ethical behaviours.’

‘The Code of Conduct is based on the company values and, I think, the values that we as individuals hold close to our hearts anyway. It can help people understand how best to act in all kinds of situations, and it will represent to all of our stakeholders that we are an ethical and responsible company. One group of people that is very important is the younger generation, who are increasingly concerned about working for a company that is ethical and sustainable. I think the Code of Conduct will be a good indicator that this is exactly what we as Royal BAM Group are.’