‘Sustainable solutions that speak clearly of their benefits’

Nitesh Magdani

Role in the company

I’m BAM’s Group Director Sustainability and an architect by background. My role is to set the sustainability agenda and make sure it’s implemented.

As an architect I was fortunate to work for clients who clearly saw the benefits of sustainability. This allowed me to experiment and innovate, figuring out how you can reach a sustainable solution by coming up with a new technology or new materials.


These days I’m no longer designing with a pencil, but my role is still helping me to feel creative around how I can influence a process or a group of people. I have worked on projects myself, so I know there’s no point putting forward a suggestion that is going to add costs or take more work. The challenge is to make sure that what I’m putting on the table is applicable and speaks clearly to a broad range of people.

When I was at BAM Construct a few years back I was part of the bid team for Google’s new London headquarters. This was a client with really high aspirations in terms of sustainability. It was a nice experience to be able to work with quantity surveyors, project managers, engineers, architects, BIM managers – all those different people – and see sustainability through their eyes: how were they thinking, and how could they make it work for them? 


For the future my goal is to make everyone see the benefits of sustainability, and to make clients see that BAM is the right fit for their ambitions. A company with a single, shared vision around sustainability in all aspects of what we do: what we build, how we build it, and the way we approach our own organisation and our people.