‘Still amazed at the level of expertise within BAM’

Richard Verver

Richard Verver, a senior planner of large residential projects at BAM Wonen, has been with BAM since 2006. At the moment he is working on The George & The Gustav, two apartment buildings under construction in the midst of Amsterdam’s Zuidas financial district. Which makes it a big, ambitious and more than a little complex project.

The art of collaboration

‘Building this is a dynamic process, with a great many parties involved. It all depends on getting this massive team of BAM colleagues and external partners on the same page. The building as we built it in the virtual reality of BIM has to be made into a single structure in reality. There is a lot I can contribute as a planner, but in the end it’s about the team effort together with other disciplines. You make the connections, in terms of engineering as well as in processes and the collaboration between teams. Every aspect of it has to be a perfect with everything else.’

‘The reason that I am now part of the special projects team is that the size and complexity of these projects suit me down to a T. The complexity is largely due to the interconnectedness of the many disciplines, like safety at the construction stage, the question which equipment we’ll need to realise the project, all the rebar and installations we’ll for the construction, the compliance with legislation and regulations with respect to the building, and not forgetting the land on which to build and the available space. In other words: you’re never short of a challenge!’

‘BAM does suit me well’

‘Back in 2006 I wasn’t convinced that I would feel at home in a large organisation such as BAM. The fact that I’m still here and still loving it is sufficient proof that, yes, BAM does suit me well. I like how things are always very well organised, and I’m impressed with the amount of knowledge and expertise. After all these years it still amazes me how much of those can be found in the different parts of the Group. Anyone who says they feel left on their own, they only have themselves to blame. In my experience, there is someone with the right knowledge for every challenge you can imagine.’

‘Also, there is a lot of room for personal development and growth, not just in your own business unit, but also with the option to move on to a different part of BAM. That’s another benefit of working for this large organisation that celebrates its 150th anniversary this year – you get plenty of opportunities.’


‘Looking at the wonderful projects we’ve built and are still building today I am filled with pride. Take the current project, these two remarkable buildings in the Zuidas district, and before that a magnificent residential tower on the banks of the river IJ in Amsterdam North, and so many others before that. Right now, I am giving 100% to our current project, but secretly I am also looking forward to the next challenge!’