‘On your own you’re nothing’

Rien Ganseman

On his projects for BAM Infra Energie & Water, Site Agent Rien Ganseman is the man who ties all disciplines together. Beyond his everyday responsibilities he enjoys contributing to employee participation within BAM as a works council member. ‘On site as much as in the office, collaboration is key. On your own you are nothing.’

Ever since he joined BAM Infra in 2000, Ganseman has considered it his main responsibility to ensure the proper management of his projects, not just in terms of execution, but also financially and planning-wise. ‘In essence, what it comes down to is to mobilise people, equipment and materials in time for a smooth execution of the work.’

Diversity of projects

‘The diversity of our projects is what I like about working for BAM. From sanitary sewers and deep tunnel systems to drinking water supply and rail cable networks, I have been able to do it all. I feel really proud for the team every time we finish a project successfully.’

One such project was the construction of a skid pan for the Zandvoort race course. ‘As this required the input of all possible disciplines, it was set up as a multi-party joint enterprise. The entire process was completed without a single hiccup, just like the collaboration with the client.’

Achieving goals as a group

Since 2012, Rien has also been involved in employee participation within BAM. He is a member of his company’s Works Council and the Group’s European and Central Works Council. ‘I split my time about 50-50 between projects and participation. It’s not always easy to combine the two, but it’s rewarding to know you have a finger on the pulse of the organisation. Just like on the projects, the key in council work is to achieve our goals as a group. In 2015 the (central) works councils were able to work with the Executive Board in preparing, on relatively short notice, a substantiated piece of advice for the much-needed reorganisation programme known as Back-in-Shape. The renovation of the organisation also included a realignment of BAM’s employee participation. It’s much leaner and meaner now.’

‘The one thing that will always be a constant for BAM is change. It’s important that the people on the sites are an active part of that process. At the moment, our main focus is on the improved organisation and management of business processes. As much as I enjoy being part of this, I’m also aware that we should make sure not to end up with a tick-box culture. Let’s always be sensible about what works to our benefit.’


When he’s not at work, Rien is a keen karateka, and also a teacher of this martial art. ‘Karate is all about discipline. It’s a frame of mind that also applies to the job. If you have the discipline to deliver as promised, for your colleagues as well as your clients, you can help ensure that projects are completed on time, on schedule and to the full satisfaction of your client, which will be reflected in prompt financial settlement.’