‘Putting our shoulders to the wheel together’

Robert Ladeburg

‘Making my contribution to a positive result.’ That’s what Robert Ladeburg, commercial manager at the Plant department of Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau, sees as his primary task. ‘This is the goal my colleagues and I are working hard to achieve.’

When his previous employer was forced into bankruptcy, Ladeburg had not expected to work in the construction sector again. ‘Sixteen years later I’m in my office looking out on a yard full of green and orange cranes, containers, distribution boxes, and a variety of other vehicles and equipment.’

Plant yards combined

‘In 2016 we took a major step in improving efficiency by combining two plant yards. All the equipment of our tunnelling division – such pipe-jacking equipment and separation facilities – was brought from Langen, near Frankfurt, to our location here in Ludwigsfelde, which was expanded especially for this purpose. What was new in this project was that we executed it ourselves. Our core activity is providing equipment to the projects of Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau, not expanding plant yards. Together with our colleagues of the tunnelling division and external partners we put our shoulders to the wheel, a good example of open collaboration and proactive ownership.’

Further integration

‘Looking towards the future and with One BAM in mind, I think it’s important we continue the integration of our Plant department in the operations of W&F Ingenieurbau, and to increase awareness of the benefits of our own equipment rental scheme among our colleagues on the projects. We’ve taken the first steps in this direction. We’re organising training events for site agents and skills training for crane operators, among others.’

‘I am proud of my work and proud of BAM!’