‘Revised code of conduct provides guidance’

Rogier Kooloos

What do you do when you’re offered a gift? What rules apply to the use of BAM property, and why is discrimination in the workplace inacceptable? You will find the answer to these and many other questions in the revised Code of Conduct that will soon come into force. ‘The code applies to us all, but for me as a compliance officer it is also a reference that can help me assess incidents,’ says Rogier Kooloos.

Rogier has been working in HR for the Group for some 20 year, currently as Director Personnel and General Affairs at BAM International. In addition to HR, he has always been involved with compliance. He and a group of colleagues from the other operating companies (some with a background in HR, others more specialised in legal affairs), have laid the foundations for the revised Code of Conduct.

Further refined

‘Every few years, a document like this should see a review. In this round, some texts have been further refined and where necessary we have added new chapters, such as chapters dealing with safety in the workplace, health and wellbeing, or diversity. In a nutshell, you could say that BAM’s core values have been translated into desired behaviours and a way of working together with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders.’

The writing in the revised Code of Conduct is clear and concise. Those who want more background information are referred to the underlying documentation on BAM Connect. ‘The Code of Conduct is not for BAM employees only. Parties who act on behalf of BAM are equally expected to “play by our rules”.’

Speak up line

‘Ever since joining BAM I have been involved in the theme of integrity, an area in which BAM has always shown proactive leadership. The new code of conduct is BAM’s latest initiative in terms of integrity: another important instrument is the Speak up line, which allows employees to report integrity issues to an independent body under the protection of anonymity.’