‘BAM projects don’t see safety as a hindrance to progress’

Sampat Kumar Adhikari

Hi, my name is Sampat Kumar Adhikari and I am from Nepal. I am currently working as an HSS lead on the Yas Arena project in Abu Dhabi. I am responsible for implementing and reviewing the BAM HSS management system and I advise and support the project team in their daily operations.

All persons on site deserve to be safe

I feel proud to work with BAM due to the company’s culture, attitude and motivation towards achieving the highest standards to ensure the safety and welfare of all persons on site. I speak Nepalese, Hindi, English and a small amount of Arabic, which makes it easier for me to communicate to the workers and the management.

Since I joined BAM about 6.5 years ago as an HSS advisor, I have never experienced difficulties or discouragement to perform my duties effectively. In many other organisations the perception of the safety team is that they are there to stop or prevent project progression. Instead, on all my BAM projects I have always seen a highly professional, positive and cooperative working environment.

Soon I hope to make it to a position in safety management

I am very proud to have been part of the team that achieved 5.8 million safe man-hours in the Al Ain phase 2.1 project in Abu Dhabi. In my current project we have already achieved another 1.3 million safe man-hours since December 2017.

I am looking forward to continue my education in health and safety and to make the next step in my career. Before long I hope to make it to the position of project HSS manager!