‘I like to encourage young people to develop within our BAM family’

Sascha Boxheimer

My name is Sascha Boxheimer and as head of Tendering and Engineering of Wayss & Freytag´s Tunnelling Division I am currently responsible for coordinating our contribution to BAM tenders for tunnelling projects worldwide.

International projects have broadened my mind

I joined W&F´s tunnelling division in February 2000. Since then W&F and BAM have offered numerous opportunities to perform and contribute within multinational teams. Diverse cultures in different countries combined with various technical and contractual challenges, accompanied and supported by other passionate BAM colleagues have enabled me to enjoy each day in business like an endless journey for almost 20 years. Working in teams for projects in all BAM home countries as well as Scandinavia, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Australia has broadened my mind and stimulated my willingness to always jointly find a way to maximise our success under consideration of aforementioned boundaries and the client´s requirements.

People profit from BAM’s commitment to talent development

Within W&F I encourage young people to develop within our company, to experience and enjoy the safe working environment we can provide and to build long-term relationships with BAM. I enjoy to contribute to the ongoing change management that aims to make W&F an even more open, transparent and learning group company within BAM, as this fully complies with my ethos. I therefore highly appreciate BAM’s initiative to invest in people development and in professional talent management across the Group. I enjoyed very much the Olympus leadership programme, bringing people of all group companies together, enlarging personal networks and accelerating personal development.

Sharing knowledge sets us apart from the competition

My daily work in tunnel projects worldwide is always conducted by tracing new trends in the business and my passion to prepare our company for future demands. I therefore put a lot of effort into digitalisation, lean construction methods and innovations like 3D printing within our tunnelling division in order to ensure BAM´s recognition as a sustainable and innovative contractor.

I am happy to be part of the One BAM team and I try to maximise my contribution to stimulate sharing of knowledge in order to activate as much as possible synergies across the group, which will make us an extraordinary player in construction business that delivers first-class projects to our clients.