‘It is immensely motivating to know I can help my colleagues’

Sophie Kuipers

My name is Sophie Kuipers. As a project leader at BAM Infra Verkeerstechniek I have a dual role. The first is being a team leader for the product group BFA (moveable physical access control systems) that realises (indoor) access control systems in the public space. In addition to installations, this product group manages service and maintenance contracts and carries responsibility for the commercial aspects of its business.  My second role is for the Procurement Coordination department, where I act as the linchpin in all kinds of activities related to commercial and procurement, from tracking leads to coordinating the tendering process.

A department with excellent systems

I am very proud of the way we, the Procurement Coordination team, have set up our department including an excellent set of systems in just one year. We’ve managed to organise highly efficient internal business processes. There is still more work to be done, but we have made immense progress.

Being able to energise people makes me happy

‘Networking’ was the key word while we were getting the Procurement Coordination department on its feet: we spent a lot of time making sure people within our organisation were aware of BAM Infra Verkeerstechniek, and more specifically the products we have to offer. In my position as an intermediary I can make sure that a request from anywhere in the organisation can be met by my colleagues at BAM Infra Verkeerstechniek. Helping BAM colleagues do their job and making their life a little easier, that’s what gives me energy. And knowing I can put a smile on people’s faces is a good motivation to be as cooperative as possible.