‘Digital construction plays a crucial role in strengthening our client relationship’

Thomas Brichaux

Hello, my name is Thomas Brichaux. I’m 35 years old and work as a site supervisor at BAM Galère in Belgium.

People first

I joined Galère nine years ago and, to date, I can proudly say I work for a company that puts people at the centre of its projects. We get to work on the most interesting projects in Wallonia (the southern region of Belgium) and we have the opportunity to follow different trainings. Two assets which make our job so interesting. It is precisely thanks to these trainings that I started following and putting digital construction into practice. I was trained in building information modelling (BIM) and I use it with great enthusiasm.

Thanks to BIM we can enter the construction site with a much deeper understanding of the project at hand: its dimensions, its special requirements, any risks that may be involved, and so on. It allows us to eliminate a great number of problems even before they could occur. So we keep our energy to tackle other unforeseen obstacles during the building process and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. BIM also plays a crucial role in strengthening our client relationship. It offers a clear, common communication platform, which is the basis for a better client relationship.

My contribution to innovative, efficient and sustainable construction

In the future I’d like to focus more on BIM. This way I’ll be able to offer more support on the construction site and inspire others to enjoy the benefits of digital construction. My on-site experience means I can understand my colleagues’ needs and requests more precisely and thereby deliver a better digital model. It’ll be my contribution to a more innovative, efficient and sustainable building process.