‘Proud of our identity’

Timothy Darnoud

Making his contribution to BAM’s safety performance. That, in a nutshell, is what Timothy Darnoud considers his main challenge for the future. About two years ago he joined BAM Infra Asfalt as a commercial officer. This business unit of BAM Infra supplies ongoing projects from its several asphalt plants. In addition, BAM Infra Asfalt’s expertise centre is a leading developer of new and sustainable asphalt mixes and production methods. 

‘Interest in civils’

Timothy obtained his bachelor’s degree in business economics (specialising in marketing management) in Surinam and his master’s degree in international trade in China. Next, he worked five months in the German construction industry before he joined BAM Bouw en Vastgoed as a tender strategist. ‘A passion for construction has been kindled in me from an early age. My dad had his own business in welding and construction, which I helped manage even at the age of fifteen. An interest in civil engineering sparked the transfer to BAM Infra.’

‘A large portion of my working hours is spent on drafting business plans, plus drafting and implementing commercial policies. In other words: promoting and selling our sustainable products to our clients, mostly local and provincial governments. And I support the management team in their response to various business issues.’

Reuse of materials

‘I am proud of our identity. We believe in doing things sustainably, doing sustainable things and being innovative. As for being innovative, that means above all that we develop sustainable products and methods. In our business, there is nothing more sustainable than the reuse of materials to make an old road as good as new, without compromising on quality and without adding materials that could prevent further recycling in the future. This means we keep getting better at reusing reclaimed materials from old asphalt layers. At the same time I find it highly motivating to work with colleagues in other disciplines. When we began the development of our strategy and vision for 2050, we assembled a team that included people from the Board, the management team and the operational teams. The plan we developed found broad support within the organisation, and all team members remain committed to achieve the goals we set. Every time we achieve a new milestone, we celebrate. That’s very important: celebrating success together.’

Improving safety

Besides the realisation of commercial targets, Timothy has a strong ambition to improve safety performance. ‘While doing promo shoots for our sustainable asphalt mixes, I sometimes notice a tension between our safety vision and the reality of the everyday work situation. I’m passionate about selling our clients a sustainable product, but I’m equally passionate about the product’s safe production and application. I think I can be of value here by using my commercial and scientific background to further strengthen our colleagues’ safety awareness. The aim: to make safety a habit that is engrained in our culture rather than something that is driven by regulation. At the moment, I’m mostly still collecting data, but as soon as I find the time I hope to do some proper research.’