‘After 15 years I can still see new avenues for exploration’

Yuri Kiontke

It’s been 15 years since Yuri Kiontke first joined BAM and since then he has held several different positions. Straight out of college Yuri started as assistant site agent at BAM Infra. ‘Now I’m the managing director of BAM Infra Asfalt, overseeing the asphalt plants in Amsterdam and The Hague. In this position I support the plant managers and the people working in day-to-day operations. Also I’m in the business of selling asphalt to other contractors.’

Contribution to increasing sustainability

‘We have a history of working to develop asphalt that is as sustainable as it is high in quality. Low-temperature asphalt has become the de facto standard at BAM. We produce various types of asphalt that contain 70% reused material: a combination of untreated used asphalt and high-grade reclaimed stones. How cool is that? We are currently applying a ZOAB road surface for Rijkswaterstaat, a porous asphalt that also contains 70% of reused material. It’s the first time we’re doing this on a grand scale, with over 10,000 tonnes per weekend from different asphalt plants.’

‘In the road construction business, both within and outside of the plants, we often have to deal with changes in requirements or schedules. And don’t forget the impact of weather and other unforeseen circumstances. It’s wonderful to see how our people do everything they can to make each production day a success.’

Never stop developing

‘BAM gives its people every opportunity to develop and improve. And after 15 years I can still see new avenues for exploration. And it’s not just the people who continue developing, but the products as well. The asphalt itself is getting more and more sustainable, but also the production process, as we keep finding ways to make asphalt plants more future proof. BAM is already building homes that are off the gas grid, and soon that might apply to our plants as well.’