BAM plants 150,000 trees in 2019 with Trees for All

Rob van Wingerden, CEO Royal BAM Group : 'Future generations matter to us. We need to help preserve the planet for them. That’s why BAM chooses to celebrate our 150th anniversary by planting 150,000 trees around the world, instead of for example organising a party. Forests are key to restraining climate change and restoring biodiversity. Trees provide clean air to breathe and so much more.

Obviously, planting 150,000 trees is not enough to counter the sustainability issues that the world faces. No single person, company, government or country can solve it on their own. We can only solve it together. BAM sees these trees as a symbolic gesture underlining our commitment to become a sustainable company, initially focusing on becoming CO2 neutral and circular. We still have a lot to do, but it’s high on our agenda. We hope to inspire others to do the same.' 

Lena Euwens, CEO Trees for All: 'Trees for All has been supporting tree planting projects around the world for 20 years. Based on our extensive experience we’ve selected 16 projects for #BAM150 tree planting and will ensure that the trees will be planted and sustained appropriately.'

Enhancing lives

It’s BAM’s mission to create sustainable environments that enhance people’s lives. One of our sustainable targets builds up on that: BAM aims to enhance 1 million lives through for example educational and employment opportunities …. And through volunteering! So we’re inviting our colleagues to help plant the trees locally, as Wouter and Peter already did. Read their story here. Tree planting in Bolivia and Uganda will also provide an income for a number of people there (see image). Please keep an eye out on this site, we’ll share these stories throughout the year 2019.