German colleagues plant trees

10 April 2019 08:41
Bärenstein gets 4,000 #BAM150 trees

Last week, our colleagues kicked-off the #BAM150 tree planting in Germany and planted 500 elms.

Dr. Koch, CEO BAM Germany, Thomas Paetzold, board member Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG and Managing Director BAM PPP Christian Diringer jointly took hold of the spades. Some of our colleagues from the Dresden office participated as well: Gunther Gläser, Andreas Bley, Steffen Fuchs and Katja Jahrig. They were joined by our communication colleagues Inge Hausdorf (W&F) and Helga Wahl (BAM Deutschland), and energetic support was provided by Frank Krippeit (W&F), who had won a trip to the location in a quiz.

In cooperation with our partner Trees for All, a total of 4,000 trees have been planted in Bärenstein, to celebrate BAM’s 150th anniversary. Another 4,000 trees will be planted in Friedrichsruh near Hamburg in October. Colleagues from BAM in Germany will help plant the trees at that location as well.