The first 40 BAM trees!

30 November 2018 14:49 - Royal BAM Group nv
The first 40 BAM trees!

BAM’s partner Trees for All organised a planting event for their partners in the Netherlands on 30 November 2018. Peter Gijsen and Wouter Schakel from BAM’s sustainability team joined in to plant a first batch of 40 trees at Hollandse Hout. A total of 10,000 trees will be planted at that location in 2019 for #BAM150.

Wouter Schakel, Sustainability Analist at Royal BAM Group, said: ‘In my role, I analyse BAM’s achievements with regard to sustainability, for example in reducing CO2 emissions and waste, and help cascade our sustainability strategy to our operating companies. I deal with sustainability every day, mostly in an abstract way. I’ve really enjoyed having a moment to reflect on the wellbeing of our planet and make an actual contribution to help preserve the planet by planting these trees myself!’

Peter Gijsen, Sustainability Manager at BAM Bouw en Vastgoed Nederland, added: ‘How could I miss out on an opportunity like this? In addition to my role as Sustainability Manager, I’m also BAM’s sustainable timber coordinator. When we use timber in our projects, it’s our goal to only use sustainable, certified timber, which means that each tree that is cut will be replaced by another tree. Already 98% of all timber we use in our Dutch projects, is sustainably sourced, but I will not be satisfied until we reach 100%! The trees in #BAM150 will be part of sustainable forestry projects, which will help to restrain climate change, among other things. By sheer coincidence I’d personally just donated two trees to Trees for All. I don’t think many people know about this option to plant trees and compensate a bit of their personal CO2 emissions. I like to think I’ve planted the two trees I donated myself!’

Here’s to the future!

This year, BAM turns 150. To celebrate, we’re planting 150,000 trees around the world.
Why? Simply because we want to help preserve the planet for future generations.

Do you work for, or with, BAM and would you like to help plant trees locally?
Keep an eye out on our site for tree planting locations and dates.